Thursday, July 1, 2010

Being in spirit with you

Yesterday I awoke thinking of you,
and throughout the day
I wrote a thousands love notes
all for you..

Then for dinner 
I spent time with a beautiful friend
and from the very beginning
I hoped you were him. 
On the way home,
I closed my eyes and dreamed of you
and of your love for me 
and of my love for you 
and of our united spirit
and our eternal love.

It was our day of love
but yet it was so much more.  
because it was the first time  
that I truly felt your love
from the moment I woke up
to the moment I whispered good night to you.  

Know that I am loving you always...

Monday, May 17, 2010

With Open Arms

I'm here waiting for you with... open arms.

I await the day you step into my life and decide to enter my heart.

I'm not sure, but I think that journey to each other has begun.

I sit here thinking of how you held my hands in yours so softly and tenderly on Sunday. I was suspended in time and frozen in place. You were able to feel me... my energy, and yet... and yet fear held me back from exploring and sensing your feelings, your energy. All I could feel was the softness & warmth of your hands...but... I could not speak. All I could do was gaze into his eyes for a moment... I was lost in the moment, which seemed both eternal and yet... too short.

That short time period we spent together was sweet, magical and special for me.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Sweet Darling

I know that I haven't met you yet.... but here's my dedication... my wish for you till we do. Till then, I hope you continue to enjoy life as I've done. oxo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here's A funny and joyful celebration of love that's just heartwarming enough to warm up your chilly bones!  Enjoy my sweet!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Beloved Soulmate

You have discovered I'm an incredible being on this magical journey we call life! You have seen how expressive, authentic, beautiful, funny, witty, interesting and loving I am... and have fallen deeply in love with me. I too am touched by your inner and outer beauty and the joy you bring into my life. Our union has brought us into the universal flow of love.

We have celebrated our love through unity in the face of our challenges and joys. Through them we have remained strong yet loving, patient yet open. In the midst of everything we have always spoken our truth with compassion and love and that has made us stronger.

I am patiently waiting for us to permanently come together so that we may share this wonderful life that we have created for ourselves and our children.

You and I look great together and we are a fabulous fit, body, mind, heart, and spirit.

I am joyful with the anticipation of once again connecting with your spirit and your heart as we touch or spend time together. The love we share is special and sacred and is one that transcends our earthly bonds.

When we are with each other our love forges our union into something strong and courageous, that provides each of us with all we need making us realize anything is possible.

I feel truly blessed and very grateful for each other and what we have in our lives.

Our love is the blessed manifestation of all the work we have done on and for ourselves until this point. The future is bright for we now our love is a celebration of that work on ourselves and with each other. I feel blessed sharing the best parts of this great life with you. Our life is so much fun and enjoyable that I cannot wait to wake up every morning and spend time with you. Our children delight in our love for them and their love for us in turn enhances the incredible family life we experience and are blessed to have.

When I began my search for you in earnest I was looking for a life partner that shared similar values and characteristics, who was also patient, sweet, attentive, sexy, and was already a great kisser. Someone whose desire for health & fitness engaged and fuel my own spirit, as we explored life with each other.

You found that my desire for a blended family was compatible to yours and found that we took joy in each other's children. We loved each as if they were our own.

We rejoiced early on in the fact that we shared spiritual practices and principles that enhanced our lives together and created a strong foundation for our union and our family.

I love that our union transcends the political and religious definition of partnership, and am happy and moved that we are exploring the form and meaning our marriage will take.

I must confess though your sense of humor was enjoyable, and your attentiveness and thoughfulness touching, I began to fall in love with you when I saw you interact with our children. Our desire to grow and develop together, as spiritual partners and co-creators, has made our union one that is a blissful adventure.

There nothing but mutual respect, admiration and clear communication between us at all times, which makes our home a harmonious center of love.

The flow of our love between us increases daily, as we explore and learn this dance of love with eagerness, flirtatiousness, adventure and joy. I have always believed that the best relationship is one that supports you in fulfilling your divine destiny and we have shown that to be true with each other and our children.
We have all loved, supported and empowered each other to be daily become everything we are meant to be, in this world and beyond.

I rejoice in the fact that I am able to inspire in all of you the awareness of your unlimited possibilities. I am thrilled that you love my romantic and sensual ways, and that you celebrate both my feminine (girly girl ways) and my masculine (sports and outdoorsy) energy.

I promise to continue providing you with a deep and abiding love that is eternal. From that fountain of love springs trust, friendship, understanding, compassion, a playmate, the feeling that you know you are the greatest man in the world to me and that I am totally devoted to you and our children.

I know that it is our deep abiding love for ourselves and each other that engenders our honesty, integrity, appreciation, strong connection that has a perfect momentum & harmony and feels right for both of us, attention, romance, laughter, fun, playfulness, love, and a lot of sweetness, that goes with touching, warmth, patience and desire.

Your high regard for our children and our family relationship are a wonderful example to our children.

I intend on continuing to help our relationship grow so that our family can in turn make great and wonderful contributions to our world.

I write this knowing it is already so! Thank you Universe for delivering the love of our lives to each other.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Darling Love

My Dearest,

Today I have cut myself off from the world. I have been drowning in a sea of negative comments from those that surround me, who do not believe you will come to me in time. I can feel both their jealousy and contempt to the point where their negative energy is weakening my spirit. Their jealously on occasion begins to erode my faith in you. Their contempt and disdain weaken my enormous love for you.

Today I break from the world to keep my peace, my faith and my love for you. Today my son and I begin our journey towards you! My faith and love are my armor and inspiration; they will sustain me as I await for the divinely appointed time of our reunion.

Till then I will visit you here, where I can quietly share my thoughts with you.

Sending you a tender loving embrace!